Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1st- Slice of Life

Here is my first slice of life about first!


  1. A delightful slice of firsts! Love your three reasons for embracing the firsts of something. Here's to embracing what makes us uncomfortable, what makes us learn, and what teaches us something new. Welcome to our community.

  2. I guess there is a first for everything! I have broken little things like fingers and toes but never any major bones. I hope you are able to manage things with your cast. Thank goodness for your roommate!

  3. I love how you framed your first slice in terms of "firsts!" Hope you heal quickly and are able to continue writing. (P.S. I also went to SLU, though I was there for 5 years and managed to escape without any major injuries--probably because the closest I came to participating in any sports was the handful of times I attended basketball games!)

    1. That's amazing! Go bills! I am assuming you majored in education? I love running into fellow Billikens, I loved my time at slu! Also, I had to move my blog to! Check it out if you have time!

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